Janie Nicol and Annette Krebs are a couple of days into their Counterflows Residency. Inevitably, everything they do has hanging over it the spectre of Saturday: what will we share with the public? Will we present a piece of work? Or (and?) will we have a conversation about how the residency has panned out? If we present a piece of work, how finished does it have to be?

The Creative Lab at the CCA is beginning to fill up with bits and pieces, evidence of trials and experiments. There’s gold glitter paint and PVA on a table. A few speakers on stands dotted about. Some pieces of white paper with words scribbled on them, stuck on the wall haphazardly with masking tape. There’s a field recording device wearing a blonde wig.

These two artists are trying to find a way to understand each other and their ways of working. Some ideas seem to be resonating, other elements of both their practice and their interests don’t match so well. This is all part of the fabric of these few days, an open space in which it’s OK to try and make, to try and fail, to try and destroy. These sorts of residencies are all about working out what is and isn’t possible in the context of attempting to understand what collaboration is, when it works well and why it’s important.

Here’s producer Suzy Glass talking to Annette about what – if anything – she hopes to see come out of the Residency.