I first worked with Lina Lapelyte at Le Weekend 2010 when she played violin as part of a commission devised by Mark Wastell. I was impressed by her open collaborative approach and her bright and rigorous playing. At the performance of The New String Theory over in Belfast we got chatting about a hip-hop project that she was thinking about. I have always had a passion for hip-hop especially the dark and brooding sounds of bands like Company Flow and Cannibal Ox but was always perplexed by the lyrics of some hip-hop. With the support of PRS for Music Foundation’s Women Make Music Fund, Lina’s project looks directly at some of these issues appropriating some of the misogynistic, homophobic and explicitly sexual lyrics and placing them in a completely new musical context, challenging the listener to hear this disturbing and urban male dominated world from a feminist standpoint.
Lina has brought together an amazing group of strong female voices to explore the project: Rebecca La Horrox, Anat Ben David, Agharad Davies and Sharon Gal, for this special counterflows performance she will also be joined by singers Heidi Heielberg and Nouria Bah and video artist Federico Vladmir Strate Pezdirc.
Counterflows was developed to offer artists space to explore new ideas and the excitement that comes from stepping out of their comfort zone. Lina’s new piece will certainly do this! Bring on the Noise!

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candy shop at the wetsounds from th e s hop on Vimeo.