Death Shanties and Rie Nakajima /Southside Studios/ 3pm / £5
Death Shanties is a new mixed media balls-to-the-wall Free Jazz group featuring Alex Neilson (drums), Sybren Renema (alto/ baritone sax) and Lucy Stein (painting/ projections). The group combine references to Medieval music, Sea Shanties and Field Hollars with the ecstatic cry of classic 1960s fire music. Stein uses primitive devotional images, food stuffs and even her own hair in visceral, highly textured painted projections making Death Shanties a unique and immersive live experience.

Rie Nakajima is an artist working with installations and performances that produce sound.Her works are most often composed in direct response to unique architectural spaces using a combination of audio materials and found objects.The works created for the purposes of “playing” the sounds she has in mind are often placed matter-of-factly on the floor or take the form of assembled objects that serve as sound makers, giving rise to inorganic spaces. Listening to the works in such finely honed environments brings to the surface in a pure way people’s imagination, memories, and deepest thoughts.

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