Alasdair asked Fielding from Cry Parrot to write today’s blog post on his plans for the Saturday late night at Stereo…

Part of my involvement in Counterflows this year was to curate an afterparty of some sort to follow Kan Mikami, lll人 and Jandek’s performance at Stereo. It wasn’t an easy task. DJing after a selection of acts so powerfully idiosyncratic requires booking someone not just with an impeccable, diverse taste in music, but someone that can piece together interesting music in a way that others can’t. For me, that person is JD Twitch, best known as half of Glasgow-based DJ outfit Optimo.

Why should promoters and djs compromise the music they play and promote to specific styles, genres or scenes? Why can’t we all just open our minds and celebrate all sorts of different sorts of great music? These were questions I always asked when I first started going to gigs and clubs in Glasgow. For me, first discovering Optimo on Sunday nights at the Sub Club was truly liberating. Hearing such a hugely diverse selection of (mainly) underground music being played and enjoyed by hundreds still inspires what I do under the Cry Parrot guise to this day.

Following the wild, disjointed nature of Jandek’s live performance, Twitch will be filling the dancefloor with a special set of carefully picked ‘dislocated dance’ records from his sprawling collection. I can’t wait…

For the last 45 minutes of the night we will be presenting ‘Ghana Soundz’, a new project born from a trip teaching African drumming to kids in schools in Ghana. Lead by one of the most productive and exciting figures in Glasgow underground music today – Laurie Pitt, also a member of Golden Teacher, Ultimate Thrush and many more – Laurie and friends will be playing all sorts of rare disco, pop, funk and far-out records they found while in the country. They might incorporate a live element to the performance, too… Just like you shouldn’t expect straight-up singer-songwriter material from Jandek or Kan Mikami, don’t expect straight-up 4/4 beats for Ghana Soundz. Instead expect all sorts of esoteric music with it’s own exotic rhythms and grooves. And yes, you can dance to it, too!

Fielding Hope: Cry Parrot