It is great to get new stuff happening at the festival. Rie Nakajima is one such soul. I’m really looking forward to seeing what she does. Of course she comes with serious recommendations. Phill Niblock is a friend. In fact we were thinking that she could join them at their show on Saturday but it would have been too complicated and I wanted to give Phill enough space to fill his own canvas.
Rie uses small objects and creates intricate installations of delicate sound. In Southside Studios, at the back there, is an amazing dacha like affair where I’ve asked Rie to set up one of her mesmerizing ant hills of moving noise. I think a festival like Counterflows should offer space for new young artists like Rie to showcase what they do. It’s important.
Rie is also an associate artist with Cafe Oto. Something will also happen at Glad Cafe that Rie will instigate. I can’t wait!

rie01 rie02

s-teaming01 from rn on Vimeo