“I went to a private session of theirs … which I thought was absolutely outstanding. The musicians are Paul Abbott (drum kit), Seymour Wright (alto), and Daichi Yoshikawa (electronics). […] They tell me they have been playing together for quite a while…”
– Victor Schonfield

“convulsing but controlled, reigned and railed, concentrated not opposing between the 3. Sound bending to include others. to be met and slightly connected. Semi-soothed in trilling galloping galactic space”
– KiO

“There are some globs of clay inside a cage. The cage is badly made from a gridded, rough, metal wire. It is suspended from the ceiling of a living room … inside the cage, above the clay, is a small glass box with a neat funnel protruding from its base.”
– c-Ban

“dancing in a foundry where they’re casting •••••••••••• sculptures. Freedom and molten iron.”
– JDM [edit]”