Great article and interview with Alasdair in today’s Glasgow Herald on Counterflows.

Terminology can be a tricky thing when it comes to a festival such as Counterflows.

Sound art, experimental, free, avant-garde? Contemporary, new, noise, downright weird? The opaque descriptors bandied about by the culture industry and by writers like myself are constantly trying to pin down the unpindownable.

Many promoters resort to “experimental”, but Alasdair Campbell, principal programmer behind Counterflows, doesn’t like the term: it’s too vague, he says, and too forbidding for the uninitiated. In any case, shouldn’t all music be experimental in one way or another?

Instead Campbell has settled on “underground” to best describe next month’s festival. “‘Underground’ seems eternally fashionable. It’s dark glasses, Lou Reed, Andy Warhol,” he says. It’s smoky basement jazz bars in Krakow; chess games and cigarettes, and all things nocturnal, whimsical, covert. The posters read “A festival exploring international networks of underground music”. Their design features overlapping circles: maybe the programming skirts their parameters, maybe it’s what thrives in the intersection of cultural Venn diagrams. more…